Monday, June 13, 2011

Hairbows! They Can Survive Disasters!

My girl has gone through a LOT of hairbows.  She yanks them off and throws them down when she's mad, they get swallowed by the van, she puts them down somewhere and loses them.  At this point I'm used to it, and hey, it's not a big deal to make another one for her.

When I ship my hairbows, I advise my clients to spot clean the bows if they get dirty.  They're polyester, which makes them pretty much stain resistant (I'll get into that later).

But, accidents happen.  I mean this literally.

Here's a lovely hairbow I made for my girl a long time ago.  It's smaller in size with very short tails because I was using a remnant and fooling around with different sized bows. it is after it went through a sanitizing cycle (i.e., boiling) and then the dryer.  She threw the bow into a laundry hamper full of clothes that had had, erm, accidents.  You know, the kind that toddlers make....

The colors didn't change, the lighting in the first photo is more "mood lighting" as opposed to natural light.  The color is Shocking Pink by Offray. 

Anyway...speaking of Shocking, I was shocked!!  I couldn't believe the glue that holds it to the clip didn't melt and destroy everything!

It did melt a little bit onto the ribbon, but that was easily separated.

The clip itself was still able to be opened just fine.  The glue and non-slip material was sort of mashed together.

So...shocker.  The bow will survive a trip through boiling water and a hot dryer!!  The key to this is that each bow is hand/machine sewn.  I only use glue to hold the stems onto the center of the bow when I'm tying the back (and if that glue melts, all the better; it's a "manufacturing byproduct").  And then the bow is glued onto the clip.  Most bow sellers glue the whole bow...and I've seen MANY bows left in hot cars for an afternoon that didn't survive the day! 

If this isn't a testimonial to the value of sewing over gluing, I don't know what is!

Moving on...guess what happened to this bow?

My girl thought it would be an awesome idea to throw this one into water.

Into the toilet...

A full toilet...

A toilet full of diarrhea


I used some antibacterial handsoap and washed this by hand, then let it air dry.  The glue remained the same and stable, and it's as good as new.  Although every time I put it in her hair, I'm going to throw up in my mouth a little.

Man, I'm just having a not so great day in general!


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