Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yaaaarrr! More Spam Ahead Ye Mateys!


Is everyone on the web simply a bot run by someone who is semi-literate and full of shit?

Click to enlarge for teh stoopid

This shit again?

Look, bro.  You didn't read my blog, nor did your bot.  I'll give you props for at least writing an email that isn't Engrish. Nice bot for recognizing it's an Arts & Crafts blog, at least. 

However, the writing "sample" you sent me?  I read it.  It has nothing to do with crafting.  Or arts and crafts.  In fact, you plagiarized it from a newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina, The Post and Courier.  

See?  I have a couple brain cells left in my head, and access to the interwebz and Google.  Shakes head.

Here's "yours":
Click to enlarge and read Fakey McFakerson's "writing"

And here's the original:

WHAT an amazing coincidence, you thieving asshat!  As a former newswriter myself, I think you're an extra dick for stealing from a newspaper, of all places.   (Yup, during college I worked in the news department for a major market radio station, and wrote almost all their news copy read on the air.)  Maybe they didn't write it, maybe it was a press release from Boeing or something; there's no claimed authorship, but surely if you write for a newspaper and this was published as such, wouldn't you have said so? 

Here's a suggestion:
4.  If you're going to plagiarize, at least tweak it a little, throw a few commas and rearrange some paragraphs to make it less easy to let others know you steal their work. Or steal something a little less current. 

Oh yeah, and your domain?  Flagged for spam by many other site monitors on the web.  In fact, when I went there, there's nothing there. 

Not to worry, I forwarded your spam email to one of the editors of the Post Courier to let them know a spammer is claiming authorship of one of their copyrighted articles.  I'm sure they'll be delighted to hear about it.

So, no.  You can't steal from another blog write an article for me.  


if you care to write me a totally original 1,000 word essay explaining what you personally get out of promoting what inevitably leads to garbage about penny stocks, gold speculation, or erectile dysfunction drugs, I would be thrilled to publish that to my blog.  Really.  My blogger friends and I are dying to hear how you could possibly make money in the end off this bullshit way of getting us to promote spam.

Looking forward to hearing from you, cheater!  Remember: original writing only, please? 


Oh, and putting my newswriter hat back on....

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