Saturday, October 22, 2011

Making A Child's Art Smock...Again!

I swear to hell, is there a black market for kid's art smocks?  Every year, the class supply list says "art smock or old large shirt" for art class, and every year, I fail to find one that's any good.  And the ones I find online are either too rich for my blood or fall apart too fast, per the reviews.

That's why every year I end up making my own.  I made one for my boy for kindergarten last year, and it's still going strong in first grade. 

But my girl is all about PINK so naturally it had to be pink.  Meh, okay.  I even scored pink Velcro generic hook and loop, although it was the wrong shade. 

And I'll say this project took like 5 minutes...but only because I'm super lucky to have a permanent sewing setup, a serger that was already loaded with red thread, and a billion colors of thread.

So, you start with a regular old t-shirt a few sizes too large.  I washed this one first.  I think it was on sale at Target for $3. 

Same as the last one: make a slit down the back and serge the raw edges.  Although if you don't have a serger, you could either turn it in to make a hem, or leave it alone.  Jersey doesn't unravel, it just rolls.

Ready, set, serge!

Oops.  Kinda hard to serge a hairpin turn.  Whatever, I serged it again, cutting off the first try, and arranging the shirt so I was essentially serging a straight line.  Sorta making the shirt like a giant v-neck. 

Then I put on the hook and loop.  It's light pink.  I got it expecting to buy a light pink shirt, but I ended up with hot pink.  Meh.

I put a longer strip of loop (the soft part) on the outside of the collar, and stitched it down with a straight stitch.  

Note the smaller hook tape applied to the inside of the collar.  You don't need to have the same amount of hook and loop.  This way, she can adjust it easy.  I was thinking about putting a row of snaps there because I've been going snap crazy lately, but this is easier for a kid, especially when it's in the back.  

So she can wear it looser...

Or tighter!

Here it is on the tighter bit, but the shirt is hella large and will last her quite a while!

Man, I have enough polyurethane laminate to smother my entire house.  And a bias tape machine.  I should really make her some sort of smock/apron with pockets and sleeves or something with her name embroidered on it.  Just what I need, another project.  I got like half a dozen major things in the queue now, yo!

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