Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ho Ho Ho....

Man, I'm slacking, aren't I?

Been a very productive month!  Here's just a few of the gigantic slew of stuff I've been working on in the last month!

Here's a special request, custom order for some pinwheel bows for Christmas.  Supercute!

Black, dimple dot minky bean bag with matching 36" x 36" throw (the Oh FUCK extra yardage I always order and turned into a blanket here).

Bad story:  I inhaled a polystyrene pellet while I was filling a couple of bean bags.  That stuff is super staticky and gets everywhere.  It was a white my foyer.  Anyway, so I was flopping around listening to my iPod and filling up a bag when GASP  I inhaled a mouthful of polystyrene.  And it wasn't pretty.  I subsequently developed a pretty bad case of bronchitis or pneumonia or something.  I didn't have time to see my doctor, who's pretty holistic, and I didn't want to get a lecture about Vitamin C.

We went on a cruise a couple weeks later and despite the sea air I was still barfing up a lung to the point of my husband going WTF is wrong with you?  One day he was in the bathroom and I was sitting on the bed coughing, as usual...and I hacked up something funny.  I spat it into the sink.  What was it?  It was a congealed wad of polystyrene.  After that I felt a lot better for a day or two.  I'm still coughing but getting better.  Cough syrup and an alarm clock is a bad mix.  The other day, my alarm clock interrupted my dream about Britney Spears doing some roofing work on my (dream) Mexican hacienda on the Mexican Riviera.  She had on that "Slave for You" outfit with the snake (I think the snake was doing some diagnostic work), and determined that I had some mushy wood rot under the clay tiles.  That was a good dream.  Not because Britney was my new roofer, but because I had a hacienda in Mexico that had a pool with the house encircling it.  I have a real knack for architectural layout...while I'm dreaming...and dexed out on cough syrup.

Oh, and I passed a kidney stone.  I ain't going into that one....  Even I know my TMI limits, especially considering I flapped in great detail about my hysterectomy.

I also did this:

What's this?  This is the neckband of my aprons.  I got the idea (maybe Britney gave it to me while she was ripping down shingles or something) to put snaps on my aprons' neckbands.  That way, the kid can tighten it up if he or she wants to.  Neat, eh?  Coordinating too!  I have lots of purty colors.

I was going to shut down this Friday, but I'm closing up for the year today (of course, I'm still finishing my backlog that's all going to be done before the holidays; don't fear, open order clients!!).  I had a root canal hastily scheduled for this Monday, and next week is going to be a blur of root canal, crown making, go back the next day to have crown put on, etc..  Oh, and the holidays for my kids, my own Christmas shopping (d'oh), and my backlog.  My own poor kids get swatches of fabric and IOUs for Christmas, wee doggie!  Like that quilt I promised my kid In 2009. 

And I have OH SO MANY ideas for blog posts upcoming, including some field trips to one of my suppliers (crosses fingers) and a textile museum, plus checking out a freaky ancient smocking machine my mother-in-law got off Craigslist or Freecycle (if it hasn't been chucked for scrap metal yet).  And some more sewing machine feet and serger how-tos.  Those serger posts seem to be quite popular and linked back a lot!  Comments, yo!!!!  I don't bite!

And at some point, I'm going to have another shut down after the holidays have been well petered out and gift certificate redemptions (look at the upper right hand corner, folks!!) are slowing their rolling in so that I can send some of my machines off for some maintenance.  Living in the sticks means shipping my machines out for work, which sucks ass and adds transit time unless I pay a fortune for more timely shipping.  Those boxes ain't small and they weigh a ton, so $$$ to ship out.  I also need to get my ass back into physical therapy and the downtime will be a welcome relief for my back, the discs of which look like Ritz crackers per my most recent MRI, yay.

So have a very Jolly Christmakwanzikuhtivus and a Happy New Year!  Many shoutouts to my family and friends for helping the PB keep on rolling into another great year.  Especially The Huz for puttin' up with my shit, my kids/guinea pigs, and my many encouraging friends.  And you, yeah you.  That is, assuming you're not a search engine, spammer, or...asking me for kinky photos of myself (check, check, and check!  Oh yes, baby...but first my husband is going to beat you up and take pictures to send to your wife, okay?).  All almost 30,000 of you.  29,999 have probably been clicks from me, but whatev.

See ya in 2012!!  Or, sooner if I'm bored.

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  1. YAY!! My Pucklebows are on your blog!!!!

    I'm also glad you got that nasty polystyrene out of your lungs. Hopefully you heal up soon and feel much much better :)


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