Friday, May 31, 2013

Where The Fuck Is Puck?

Ahoy there, maties!!  Hey, even my cat is fed up with my bitching!

Yes, I am alive.  Barely.  Still crafting too, just taking a break because I am just goddamn worn out!!

Here, check out pictures from planned blogging events that I just, ahhh...I... uh. never mind....

Rolled hem tutorial!  Didn't happen....  
Still have a shitload of pics though!

Headscarves for a child with cancer!  (she's okay, BTW)  
Working with flannels on a serger...didn't blog it because umm, uh

Dress alterations: creating a lettuced rolled hem with chiffon from a narrow hem!  
This would have been cool had I not uhh...I have no excuse here.

Loopy Knot with satin backing!
Didn't blog it...but I meant to post it on my Facebook page!

Made this!  Looks cool....

Teaching my kid how to sew!  Introducing...the blanket stitch!
I am very proud of my girl!

Fun with embroidery and color changes when you need to stop sewing in an area other than where you started, or the obvious?  Place two pins to remind yourself to STOP!

Thank you ALL for your kind comments and e-mails!  I am still here and still sewin', but I'm taking the summer off from sellin'.  I'm still a sarcastic bitch though, no worries there.  Thanks for pinning me on Pinterest too!  I should add one of those buttons, but I've always been a bit leery of Pinterest due to some copyright issues they had going on when they first started.  Not having a button for Pinterest makes a blog look rather dated now, doesn't it?

I'll research this when I wake up zzzzz.....

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